Rural Web design in Fakenham Norfolk

Why do Rural based companies need a website


Most rural companies and organisations will rely on their custom from a combination of a local audience and referrals from satisfied customers, but how do they reach out and grow the business? Well, one of the easiest and most economical ways is with a website.

Think about it, how often do we reach for our mobiles and tablets to look something up? It’s well documented that over 70% of  consumers will research their requirements on the internet, most likely they will use a search engine such as google to find what they are looking for. If you don’t have a website those potential consumers won’t find you and will go elsewhere because it’s likely your competitors do.

Relying on Social Media platforms?

Some businesses rely on Social Media such as Facebook , Instagram and Twitter as means of promoting their products or services, it’s called digital sharecropping, and it means you’re building your business on someone else’s land (Great article here) Ok its free and easy to set up, but in essence you don’t have control. What if the social media platform changes direction, users lose interest, or more serious as of late becomes toxic.

The internet is rapidly evolving and things change, but if you have your own website you have complete control of the direction, narrative and influence. Use social media platforms as a marketing tool, to spread your message but linking back to your website, your content.

What a website provides

A website is likely to be the first impression a customer will get of a rural based business. Visitors to a website make judgements based on what is presented to them and on what they are looking for.

  • Does it portray a quality and professionalism, especially around the detail of the services or products they’re looking for?
  • Is it easy to find the information they want without having to try and decipher the navigation used?
  • Are the contact details visible and accessible.

The widespread use of mobiles and tablets is rapidly dictating the way that people search on the internet. If a website doesn’t display well ( i.e. is not responsive) on these devices the visitors experience can be influenced in a negative way because nobody wants to look at a page that they cannot read. What will happen is they will move on to the next site in their search.

How a B-Live website will grow your Rural company

  • Credibility, because first impressions count –  A well designed and structured website will demonstrate competence in your organisations services or products. It will exhibit your work and products, and provide trustworthiness of your rural or countryside focused organisation.
  • Showcase – You’ve got a great product or service, let others see what you do and offer.
  • Legible –  The website is well presented on the device it is being looked at and  ensures the message is getting across on whatever medium is used
  • SEO Optimised – Our websites are designed and developed completely optimised as standard using the latest techniques.

"Rural companies and organisations need a good website, badly designed websites do more harm than no website at all."

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